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Flea Treatment

Dog Flea carpet cleaning
Cat Flea carpet cleaning
Flea carpet cleaning

Carpet Doctors Specialised Flea Treatment

If your home has a flea problem it can be very irritating and upsetting for you and your poor moggy or buddy. Cats and Dogs can pick up fleas almost anywhere outside and bring them into your home unaware as they walk around and where they sleep.

Fleas live in your carpets and upholstery where they can breed a high rate and then multiply causing a flea infestation!

They itch and bite and can be seen by the naked eye. Not good for your pets, family members of guests.

At Carpet Doctors we’ll use our specialised Flea Treatment tools and products (this includes Ozone treatment) to get rid of those nasty little fleas and provide you with after-care advice and maintenance.

Get your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned and treated to eliminate fleas safely for your family and pets.

*There is no guarantee to break the flea life cycle.

Ozone Generator - Destroys Odours
Ozone Treatment for Fresh Homes

What our customers say....

Did an excellent job reviving my carpets. Friendly prompt and efficient ... I recommend them highly and will use them again!
Tim Dourado
Thank you guys for bringing our beautiful rug back to life! Amazing service and results. Punctual, professional and perfection.
Philip Charter-Price
Great job, as always, guys. Thanks so much! A beautiful quality of clean, and with eco-friendly products, which is important to me. Friendly and reliable service, good people to deal with.
Nicholas Sowicz

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