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Our planet is a gift that we have all been endowed with. Nature has provided us with safe cleaners to handle any of HouseMaster Cleaning Services that you may need and, along with invention, has given Carpet Doctors powerful tools to clean deeper than any other cleaning service. This is why Eco Doctors biodegradable cleaners are made from renewable resources that don’t compromise on quality while having less environmental impact.

Special Cleaning Products

For our Eco-Friendly cleaning we use special biodegradable micro-splitters.

Biodegradable Micro-Splitters are derived from food grade phosphates (salts). It works by breaking down molecular chains whereby splitting dirt particles into smaller parts.

Micro-Splitters stop rapid re-soiling associated with detergent based cleaners.

Find out more about which products we use in our Eco-Friendly cleaning:

Products Used


Find out more about the benefits of using Eco-Friendly cleaning products:

Eco-Friendly Benefits


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