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Here are some of the eco-friendly products that we use at Carpet Doctors:

For example:

Dynax Tile, Grout and Stone Cleaner.

“Cuts through the toughest soil build-up. It is an excellent restorative cleaning product that will remove years of soil build up from tile, grout or stone surfaces. Dynax not only restores hard floors to their original condition but can also be used to maintain them on a daily basis. Effectively breaks down and removes old grease, oil, soap, dirt, scum, hard water deposits, mould and mildew residues, from a wide variety of tile, grout and stone surfaces”


  • Superior Cleaning Results
  • No Toxic or Hazardous Acids or Butyls
  • Removes Years of Soil Build-up
  • No Sticky Soap or Detergent Residues
  • Will Not Damage or Etch Tile, Grout or Stone
  • Absolutely odourless

Find out more here at Amtech UK:

Eco Friendly Cleaning

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