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Eco-Friendly Benefits

At Carpet Doctors we like to do our bit in helping the environment. We always try to use less abrasive chemicals and machines. Now a lot of the tools and products we use to clean and restore carpets and hard flooring are eco-friendly. Natural and gentle products are always preferred by us and our customers due to their many benefits.

  • Less Abrasive: Helps your fibre and hard surfaces last longer
  • Quicker Drying Times: So you can get on with your work
  • Child & Pet Friendly: Safer for allergies, small children and your fluffy buddy
  • Smells Better: Keeps the air in your house smelling less ‘chemically’ after each clean
  • Better Air Quality: Less of a need to ‘air out’ an area
  • More Knowledge of Ingredients: Names you can actually pronounce and understand

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Carpet Doctors Eco Friendly


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